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A practical guide? The one which meets  your basic questions: Where do I go to sleep, to eat, shopping, what transport and some practical addresses.

Guides that are full of tips and tricks for travel 

A cultural guide? The one that will deepen your visits with more history and geography and more pictures and illustrations.

Topo guide? The one that will give you informations on hiking routes (running time, steps, uneven ...) but also practical informations on accommodations, camping, pit stops ...

Short stay Guides?The one that will give you tips to fully optimize a weekend, where you will find most of the tourist attractions,  ideas and even "the place to be."

Our selection of practical guides

guide du routard brésil brasil                                            The famous one ... A good practical guide, tips, comments (sometimes a bit annoying) the practical details have made it famous. Any travel arrangements is dealt but The cultural side is a little superficial. To be completed with a good cultural guide.

Le Routard

Lonely Planet alaska                                                          As famous as Le Routard, these Australian guides originally covered much of the globe, many versions in French. Comprehensive guides, culture, geography, history, a lot of information, everything is treated ... plans maps of addresses, but as Le Routard, being very popular you may find many travelers to the same address!

Lonely Planet

le petit futé craoatie croatia                                   Many addresses, good plans, but more succinct than the previous two. Cultural explanations, historical and geographical handled but relatively superficial. For those who do not like Le Routard!

Le Petit Futé

geoguide bali                              An overview of cultural and historical attractions, complete with maps and plans. A clear practical part and well developed. Guides in partnership with Geo magazine.


guide évasion venise                   A just balance between the practical and cultural. Good mapping, illustrations and suggested itineraries


guide nelles tanzanie                           German Guides originally where countries are dealt with a historical and cultural presentation. Well documented with photos and a good mapping.


guide bradt colombie colombia                         Guides in English that cover unusual destinations, written by passionate authors and specialists in the treatment area. Several themes:
The travel guide Sporting Activities, hiking, natural parks .. for backpacker
The Wildlife: for those who want to explore the fauna and flora.
The slow guides: a discovery off the beaten track of the English regions


guide rough fiji fidji                            Guides in English, very complete, for average budgets. Lots of information and best practices . Available in pocket rough guides for major tourist cities


guide ulysse ouest canadien                                                  Quebecers Editor, a specialist for the Americas and Caribbean. Then to recommend for these destinations. Very focused on the nature, we found there a nice range of outdoor activities. Lots of practical information, addresses, maps and plans. Few pictures.


Our selection of cultural guides

bibliothèque du voyageur australie australia                                      A demanding and well documented content, history, society, great illustrations, suggested itineraries and descriptions of attractions. A cultural guide (a little heavy ..) to complete a practical guide.

Bibliothèque du voyageur / Gallimard

guide bleu paris hachette                                                   A good reference for culture and history of a country, essential for anyone who wants to deepen his knowledge before during which after the trip. Photos, maps and plans. Suggested itineraries but few addresses. A cultural guide to complete with a practical guide

Le Guide Bleu / Hachette

guide odyssey angkor                                     A good guide to depeen his knowledge before starting .A good balance between culture, history, customs, writing where local historians. Photos and illustrations but no practical information


national geographic cuba usa etats-unis                            Like the magazine, a beautiful complete guide with a lot of pictures and a balance between the practical information and cultural information ...

National Geographic

guide vert usa etats-unis                                     A classic, maybe a little too even if it evolves ... A good map and suggested itineraries. There are also Green Guides weekend, a pocket guide to discover a city with great places, events ...

Guide Vert / Michelin

voir hachette bretagne britany                                  Very pleasant guides, many photos, drawings. Very complete descriptions, almost everything is discussed there. Practical information, but addresses for substantial budgets.

Voir / Hachette

jonglez barcelona spain barcelone france                   Unusual guides written by the people! Addresses and tips, places off the beaten track for the curious.

Guides Jonglez

Our selection of Short-stay guides

cartoville milano italia                                     Small paperback books, clever, practical and light. Plans folded neighborhoods by districts with the main attractions, restaurants, bars, shopping ... annotated just below and visible at a glance!

Cartoville / Gallimard

evasion en ville amsterdam netherlands                                            Smaller size than the larger urban destinations guides for these breakaways. A good summary of information for a short stay. A color code for suggested itineraries and different themes. Some "good addresses" and small inserts on "tips

Evasion en ville / Hachette

top 10 new-york usa etats-unis                  10 chapters, 10 sights on a destination! To get a good overview of the town,main points of interest.

TOP 10 / Hachette

un grand week-end à londres london                                       A small easy guide to carry with most of the things to see and do on a destination. Shopping outlets ... not much practical addresses.Photos addresses, maps and detachable plan. To see the essentials without further!

Un grand week-end à ..../ Hachette

Our selection of Hiking and trekking guides

rother mont-blanc trekking hiking mountainering                                              

Hiking guides in French or English, with a well detailed description of the routes, an estimate of the duration and associated card. Touristic information on accommodation and public transport. The guides are in color and compact to fit in the pocket of the shorts.

The range includes the day hiking trips to trekking routes of several days. The difficulties are classified according to three levels. Traces of the routes described are downloadable.


trekking himalaya                                                                 

Cicerone are publishers of over 250 award-winning guidebooks for walking, trekking, climbing and mountaineering, cycle touring and hill and mountain skills. Cicerone has guides to the Himalayas, they cover the National Trails of Britain, have nearly forty guides to Scotland, and the most comprehensive range of titles to the Alps available in the English language. 

Cicerone guides are written by outdoor people, for outdoor people. They select and publish the guides, covering both popular and new and exciting areas. 


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