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Which maps to choose?

Hiking, cycling, trekking, pilgrimage or simple trip by car,the map is still essential.

 Digital map with or without GPS signal or paper map , which one do we have to privilege?

For Maptogo, we think they are complementary  but the one essential to privilege is the paper map.

What questions before choosing?


  •      What I want to do with it ? 
  •      On what scale ?
  •      What levels of details for what needs ?

What I want to do with it?


With this first question you will cover essential points:

Volume and weight : By car, no problem to take a big atlas  but while a 8 days trekking you need to be more selective and be content with only one map.

Paper or  laminated map : More expensive the laminated map is more resistant but for a one day trekking it's not justified. Roads, Long-distance hiking routes or trails:  if your informations or the path marked are not enough you will need more detailed informations on your map.

BY car, by byke, by foot by skis, on the water or on the air  ; for each activitie there is suitable map. 

  On what scales?

 A good map must have at least a very detailed scale, a legend , and a provide orientation( the north)

 The scale can be very detailed: 1/10 000         1cm on the map is equal to à 100 meters,

                             or very big: 1/4 000 000     1cm on the map is equal to 40 km on the roads or trails. 

     Tips and tricks

1/25000 (1cm=250m)

1/50000 : (1cm=500m)

1/100000  : (1cm= 1KM)

The more commons scales you will see are:

1/25000 : idéal for trekking when the way is not marke or onlpartially.

1/50000 : covering a bigger surface area, it's the good map for long distance hiking, GR, or because you don't want to take to munch map for a long trek.

1/100000 : (1cm= 1KM)Map for biking

1/200000 : road maps for cars or motocycle

 Au delà (1/2000000) maps less precisely

 What levels of details for what needs ?

Road maps with service-stations or major tourist attractions.

Touristics roads with sight seeEven by cars or mitocycle you will have a big choice ing or wine roads. Even by cars or moto bike, you will have choice  for each collection.

Skiing,  snowshoeing runs, cycles tracks, riding itineries, so munch détails you will need for your stay.

Be carefull ! Check if you have the latest up to date version and select a regional publisher or one of the country you  plan to visit 


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