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Payment options


Whatever is the country of origin of the order, it is payable in euros.

The validation of the order comes only after confirmation of payment by the banking partner. The products remain the property of MAPTOGO until full payment is received.

The invoice will be sent by email or printed and transmitted to the delivery.


MAPTOGO accept payment by:


Credit card (CB, Visa, Mastercard)

Payment is made by the attachment of bank data that are subject of a secure processing and are immediately encrypted. This information are only available to the banking partner so he can get in can contact the buyer's bank. MAPTOGO cannot access the buyer's bank details at any time.

The buyer can ensure the security of payment, by checking into the browser address bar that the address begins with "https". Furthermore, one of the following symbols: logo ssl must appear depending on the type and the version of the browser.

MAPTOGO also uses 3D Secure technology when available to enhance buyer protection.



This service is accessible to the holder of a PayPal account by entering the username and personal password.


Bank transfer

When this payment method is selected during the order confirmation, the buyer will receive an email with the bank details of MAPTOGO to make the transfer.

MAPTOGO waits to be able to visualize the transfer to his account to start shipping which can take between 2 and 4 business days. This payment method is incompatible with rapid receipt of orders.

In the absence of confirmation within 5 days, MAPTOGO could cancel the order.


In case of transfer from another country than France, the buyer has to specify to his bank that he will pay all possible commissions caused by the transfer. Only Euro transfers are accepted.



MAPTOGO accept this type of payment only for purchases by mail, email and telephone. Check must be payable by a bank domiciled in France and in Euros.

MAPTOGO valid and ships the order after receiving the check.

Check made payable to SARL MAPTOGO and sending, quoting the order number, to: SARL MAPTOGO 14 LD La Forêt, 33880 Cambes, France.

In the absence of confirmation within 5 days, MAPTOGO could cancel the order.

  • <b>Secure payments</b><br><i>CB - Paypal - Check</i> Secure payments
    CB - Paypal - Check
  • <b>Returns and exchanges</b><br><i>100 calendar days</i> Returns and exchanges
    100 calendar days
  • <i>Order</i> <b>before 12am</b><br><i>prepared</i> <b>same day</b> Order before 12am
    prepared same day
  • <b>Free shipping*</b><br><i>over 50€/France 60€/Europe EEC</i> Free shipping*
    over 50€/France 60€/Europe EEC
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