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Trekking in Greece: The Peloponnese and Pindos Way guidebook- Cicerone

Guidebook describing challenging treks in the mountains of Greece, traversing the Pindhos Range, near Athens, and the Peloponnese, plus a handful of shorter routes including Mount Olympus. The treks demand a high level of commitment and fitness due to their remoteness and difficult terrain, and boast stunning unspoilt scenery.  

EAN13 : 9781852849689

  • Publisher/Serie : Cicerone/International trekking
  • Destination : Greece
  • Activity : Trekking/Trail
  • Publication date : mar-2018
  • Pages : 304
  • specifications/quality : paperback
  • Language : english
  • Dimension : 11.7cm x 17.2cm x 1.7cm


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This guidebook presents four specially devised treks in the mountains of Greece, showcasing its beautiful scenery, rich flora and cultural interest. The Peloponnese Way crosses the Peloponnese peninsula from Dhiakoftó in the north to Pantazí beach in the south, via Trípoli. Taking in alpine meadows, a dramatic gorge and forest-clad slopes, the 220km route can be walked in around a fortnight. The 460km Pindos Way is a south-north traverse of Greece's mountain backbone, and can be walked in a month, or split into sections of around a week. With remote terrain, navigational challenge and fewer facilities on route, it is the toughest of the four treks but offers a unique chance to experience both the country's wilderness and traditional mountain life. A shorter 80km Zagóri trek can be enjoyed in its own right or incorporated into the Pindos Way, and the final route explores Mt Olympus, home of the ancient gods of Greek myth and the highest mountain in Greece. With clear mapping alongside detailed route description for each stage of the treks, as well as background information about the region and a Greek-English glossary.


    Traditional mountain life
    A little history
    Flowers and wildlife
    Navigation and maps
    Sleeping and eating
    Getting on with people
    Weather and when to go
    What to take
    Emergency services
    Access to the mountains
    Using this guide
    Section 1 Dhiakoftó to Trípoli
    Stage 1 Dhiakoftó to Méga Spílio monastery
    Stage 2 Méga Spílio monastery to Áno Lousí
    Stage 3 Áno Lousí to Tourládha
    Stage 4 Near Tourládha to Dhára
    Stage 5 Nimfasía to Vitína
    Stage 6 Vitína to Kardharás or Kápsia
    Stage 7 Kardharás or Kápsia to Trípoli
    Section 2 Trípoli to Pantazí beach
    Stage 8 Psilí Vrísi to Áyios Pétros
    Stage 9 Malevís convent to Vamvakoú
    Stage 10 Vamvakoú to Paleogoulás
    Stage 11 Mistrás to Anavrití
    Stage 12 Anavrití to Taïgetos mountain refuge
    Stage 13 Taïgetos mountain refuge to Árna
    Stage 14 Árna to Pantazí beach
    Section 1 Ámfissa to Karpenísi
    Stage 1 Ámfissa to Víniani and Reká ravine
    Stage 2 Mt Ghióna: Víniani to Láka Karvoúni refuge
    Stage 3 Láka Karvoúni refuge to Sikiá
    Stage 4 Sikiá to Athanásios Dhiákos/Áno Mousounítsa
    Stage 5 Mt Vardhoúsia: Athanásios Dhiákos/Áno Mousounítsa to Yiourtáki sheepfold
    Stage 6 Yiourtáki sheepfold to Mt Oxiá/Sarádena refuge
    Stage 7 Mt Oxiá/Sarádena refuge to Kokália obelisk/Rákhes Timfristoú
    Stage 8 Kokália obelisk/Rákhes Timfristoú to Karpenísi
    Section 2 Karpenísi to Mesokhóra
    Stage 9 Karpenísi to Kerasokhóri
    Stage 10 Kerasokhóri to Varvariádha
    Stage 11 Varvariádha to Epinianá
    Stage 12 Epinianá to Spiliá monastery
    Stage 13 Spiliá monastery to Petrotó
    Stage 14 Petrotó to Kalí Kómi
    Stage 15 Kalí Kómi to Moskhófito
    Stage 15A Kalí Kómi to Mirófilo
    Stage 16 Moskhófito to Mesokhóra
    Stage 16A Mirófilo to Mesokhóra
    Section 3 Mesokhóra to Métsovo
    Stage 17 Mesokhóra to Gardhíki or Athamanía
    Stage 18 Gardhíki or Athamanía to Matsoúki
    Stage 19 Matsoúki to Kalarítes
    Stage 20A Kalarítes to Khalíki ridge route
    Stage 21 Khalíki to Métsovo
    Section 4 Métsovo to the Albanian border
    Stage 22 Métsovo to Vália Kálda
    Stage 23 Vália Kálda to Vovoúsa
    Stage 24 Vovoúsa to Dhístrato
    Stage 24A Link: Vovoúsa to Skamnéli
    Stage 25 Dhístrato to Samarína
    Stage 25A Dhístrato to Palioséli
    Stage 26 Samarína to Dhrakólimni
    Stage 26A Palioséli to Dhrakólimni
    Stage 27 Dhrakólimni to Ayía Paraskeví/Kerásovo
    Stage 28 Ayía Paraskeví/Kerásovo to Kefalokhóri
    Stage 29 Kefalokhóri to Aetomilítsa/Dénsko
    Stage 30 Aetomilítsa/Dénsko to Mt Grámos summit
    Stage 1 Tsepélovo to Kípi via Kapésovo and Koukoúli
    Stage 1A Tsepélovo to Kípi via Khadzíou bridge
    Stage 2 Kípi to Monodhéndhri
    Stage 3 Monodhéndhri to Pápingo via Víkos gorge
    Stage 4 Pápingo to Astráka refuge
    Stage 5 Astráka refuge to Tsepélovo or Kapésovo
    Stage 5A Astráka refuge to Kónitsa
    Stage 6 Skamnéli to Kónitsa
    Stage 1 Priónia to Spílios Agapitós/Refuge A
    Stage 2 Spílios Agapitós/Refuge A to Mítikas and Yiósos Apostolídhis/Refuge B
    Stage 3 Yiósos Apostolídhis/Refuge B to Priónia
    Stage 4 Priónia to Litókhoro

    Appendix A Route summary tables
    Appendix B Glossary
    Appendix C Further reading
    Appendix D Useful contacts


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