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Kazakhstan geographical map at 1:3 000 000 - Gizi Map

Map of Kazakhstan at 1/3 000 000 (1cm = 30km) including Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, north of Iran and Afghanistan. Relief with elevation tints, with index.

EAN13 : 9789630083157

  • Publisher/Serie : Gizi Map/Cartes géographiques
  • Destination : Kazakhstan
  • Activity : Road map
  • Publication date : aug-2014
  • Legend : english, french, german, italian
  • Flat size : 120x88
  • Scale : 1/3 000 000
  • Dimension : 13.0cm x 24.0cm x 0.8cm


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This map of Kazakhstan provides an excellent picture of the topography of the country with a representation of relief by staining, an index of localities on the back, and overflows far away from Kazakhstan borders to include the other four Central Asian countries: the Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, and part of western China, Pakistan northeast of Islamabad, the northern half of Afghanistan with Kabul, much of Iran with Tehran and Isfahan, the whole of the Caspian sea and the border region of Russia Volgograd to Novosibirsk.

All place names in the Latin alphabet and the index is in both alphabets, Cyrillic and Latin.

Gizi Map maps are available in two representations covering the same area:

  • A road map with a simple relief shading to make visible the road and rail networks.
  • A map with a altitude colouring by gradations to better highlight the topography of the region.


On both versions you will find the main and secondary road network with driving distances, as well as the main dirt tracks. Administrative boundaries and names of provinces are indicated as well as border crossings. The lines of railways and local airports are represented, and where appropriate the shipping and ferry lines.

Depending on the country, the topographic information includes the names of mountain ranges, summits, deserts, swamps, salt flats, glaciers, oases, etc. In coastal waters, coral reefs are marked and the depths of the sea are indicated.

National parks and other points of interest are highlighted, including World Heritage sites, tourist sites, important religious buildings, campsites, beaches, dive and fishing sites, marinas, etc. .

The lines of latitude and longitude are drawn at 1 ° intervals. The names are indicated in Latin alphabet, and in the original alphabet for the principal ones. Each map includes an index of place names on the back.

The legend of the map includes French, English, German and Italian. 


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