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Marrakech Medina Mini city map - Medinacarte

Marrakech Medina Mini city map, the most accurate and detailed map of the Marrakech Medina ever published. This truly unique map contains a wealth of information about the city’s historic heart. We show and index every street and passageway (derbs) within the Medina, and there are over 400 of them; additionally, all babs (gates/doorways) are shown. 

EAN13 : 9780992612511

  • Publisher/Serie : Craenen/Medinacarte
  • Destination : Morocco
  • Activity : City map
  • Publication date : mar-2015
  • Flat size : 47X59
  • Scale : 1/4.6
  • Pages : Double-sided
  • specifications/quality : index des rues/compatible GPS
  • Language : english/french
  • Dimension : 8.0cm x 14.5cm x 1.0cm


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On the back cover of the map there are two at-a-glance plans highlighting the locations of the main Points Of Interest, along with the Medina’s gates and districts. The 14 must-see POI’s are illustrated at the map foot, along with brief descriptions (in French and English), opening hours and easy-find grid references.

The map’s legend and accompanying text are also in French and English.


App happy? You will be! We’ve indicated GPS coordinates for 54 important buildings and locations within the Medina.


The map is lightweight, pocket-sized, and unfolds easily to reveal the double-sided spread. The main square – the Jemaa El Fna – is duplicated on both sides for easy referencing. To ensure maximum longevity (from constant unfolding and folding), we have used the very best mapping paper available – it’s superlatively German.


• Find all street markets and souks denoting the various types of goods sold.

• Identify the main hotels, popular restaurants and cafes.

• Locate parks, gardens, museums, galleries, and public buildings too.

• Ranks for petits taxis (local journeys), grand taxis, and caleches (horse drawn carriages).

• The cross-Medina bus (#2) routes and stops are included; make life easy… it only costs 3 Dirhams!

• Necessities of life… toilets, telephones, banks and pharmacies – all on our map.


A small insert map shows the main streets of Gueliz. This new town district of Marrakech was designed and built by the French in the early 1900′s. Plus, there’s another mini map showing the positional relationship of: the Medina, Gueliz, Hivernage and the airport. 


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