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Round of the Netherlands cycling atlas by the LF-routes - B & S

Round of the Netherlands by the LF-routes cycling guide at scale 1/100 (1cm = 1km) edited by Buijten & Schipperheijn / LF routes. 

EAN13 : 9789072930712

  • Publisher/Serie : Buijten & Schipperheijn/LF routes
  • Destination : Netherlands
  • Activity : Cycling
  • Publication date : jul-2020
  • Scale : 1:100 000
  • Language : dutch
  • Dimension : 16.0cm x 22.0cm x 0.5cm


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The Tour of the Netherlands is more than 1300 kilometers of bicycle on the LF-Routes. The road goes as close as possible along the country's borders and shows a wide variety of landscapes.

From the North Sea to Achterhoek Groningen mounds to the Brabant marshes, picturesque villages and the last cities, dunes, dykes, woods, polders, rivers, heaths, hills.

The completely redesigned Bike Tour of the Netherlands is the successor to the eponymous bike success guide of 2005. The itinerary bewegwijzerinde two ways in some places revised significantly. For example, the road now goes after Venlo further south of Roermond then via Weert Eindhoven. After Coevorden the route, not by Germany, but by the country Overijssel.

The bike guide, the itinerary described in the sections. Depending on weather conditions and planned trips to determine the day-to-day bike. Round may be 'picked up' at any time; Stations are ideally suitable starting points. The 48 road maps (scale 1: 100,000) in the directory cover a wide area around the road, showing the famous bike and lodging. When the cards is a concise description of the most important thing to see along the way. The guide - realized with the spiral band practice - provides useful addresses in addition to museums and attractions, accommodation, ferries and tourist offices.

Visit of the Netherlands to 1,300 km
- Round of the Netherlands consists of six (parts of) marked national cycle routes
* LF13 Schelde Rhein Road
* LF14 Saksenroute
* Parts of the NF1 / LF10 North Sea / Wadden Sea Route
* LF3 Maasroute
* LF4 Middle Low Road
This route runs along the North Sea and the Wadden Sea and to the east and south of the country. the
Along the road crosses the most diverse landscapes and illustrates the great regional diversity of our country.
Long round 1200 km is ideal for cycling, but also in whole to save the day or weekend trips.
Good for the real road warrior as a purely recreational cyclist.

The guide describes the route in 45 sections and detailed maps (scale 1: 100 000) is displayed. Practical information such as overnight accommodation (accommodation and camping) sites and information on ferry obviously, do not miss. The road is also a free flyer available.


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