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Miam Miam Dodo - Chemin de Saint-Gilles (La Régordane) et Chemin de Stevenson pilgrim guidebook in french - Le vieux Crayon

The "Miam-Miam-dodo" provides essential information to walkers: where to sleep, where to eat, and at what price?

EAN13 : 9782916446936

  • Publisher/Serie : Editions du Vieux Crayon/Miam-miam-dodo
  • Destination : Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Activity : Pilgrimage
  • Publication date : avr-2019
  • Scale : 1/375
  • Pages : 192
  • specifications/quality : paperback
  • Language : french
  • Dimension : 13.5cm x 21.0cm x 0.8cm


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The Miam-Miam Dodo, become indispensable companion walkers to Compostela, invites you to discover other highways of history, famous or unknown. Velay to the south, through the Cévennes, in the footsteps of the writer Robert Louis Stevenson and his donkey, or on the way to Saint-Gilles by Regordane, medieval pilgrims and mule route "regourdiers", knights, companions and merchants, who, Puy-en-Velay, leading to "Saint-Gilles-de-Provence", an important medieval port and forgotten sanctuary formerly competing with Saint-Jacques. The yum-yum-dodo brings, besides a historical introduction, practical information essential to the hiker today: where to eat, where to sleep and at what price? In a time of 5 km on either side of the two routes, everything has been listed: Gîtes, guest houses, hotels, campsites, religious receptions, cafes, restaurants, post offices, bakeries, grocery stores, butcher shops , pharmacies, banks, etc ...
Prices and conditions are specified so that the hiker know where to put his bag according to his tastes, choices, strengths and thickness of her purse.
Friends paths, bon voyage! Scale 1 cm = 375 m

30 GR Stevenson Path 65 shots and 26 shots road to St Gilles
Contents :
Bibliography about RL Stevenson Bibliography around the path of Saint-Gilles (Regordane way)
Tips to prepare your travels
The Relais Stevenson
The various accommodation
The picnic basket
Advice for hikers accompanied by a donkey
Rentals hiking donkeys
Advice for cyclists
Advice for riders
The disabled
With a donkey and Troies wheels: the Randoline
The reservation
Legend plans
Explaining a plan
List of hiking equipment
Upstream of the way associations
The road to R. L. Stevenson: Historical
The path of Saint Gilles (Regordane way): historical
• 01 maps 30 - The path RLStevenson - Le Puy-en-Velay to Ales
• Plans A to Z - The Way of Saint Gilles - Du Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Gilles-du-Gard 


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