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Guide Treks and Climbs in Wadi Rum, Jordan - Cicerone

Guide des randonnées et des ascensions dans le Wadi Rum, en Jordanie, l’une des principales régions d’escalade et de trekking dans le désert. Le livre comprend des informations de visite approfondies et une vaste sélection d'explorations, de randonnées et d'escalades, tant traditionnelles que sportives, de tous les niveaux. Comprend tous les massifs dans le Rum et les zones périphériques.

EAN13 : 9781852842543

  • Editeur/Collection : Cicerone/International trekking
  • Destination : Jordanie
  • Activité : Escalade/Via ferrata
  • Date d'édition : sep-2014
  • Nombre de pages : 240
  • Format/qualité : broché
  • Langue : anglais
  • Dimensions : 14.9cm x 21.0cm x 1.5cm



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Wadi Rum is tucked away in the south of Jordan, close to the Red Sea port of Aqaba, remote and splendid in both landscape and culture, yet only a five-hour flight and a short onward journey from Europe.

The first edition of this guide, published in 1987, contained about 140 routes. Since then the number of climbs has doubled. Here are detailed descriptions and 'topos' of all the known routes to date, from short walks, camel treks and 4WD journeys through to sports climbs and major 'big walls' of the highest technical difficulty.

Additionally the author gives information on sites of antiquity, flora and fauna, and life with the Bedouin. It is their roguish humour and warm hospitality as much as the magnificence of these deserts and mountains that make a visit to Rum a unique experience. This book tells you everything you need to know.


Spring and autumn are the norm, with pleasant weather. Summer is for masochists who don’t need water; winter can be very cold and sometimes wet.


Aqaba is closest. Amman is far to the north. No hotels in Rum; these are outside in the Aqaba and Petra areas. Campsite, plus villages of Rum, Rashdiya and Quweirah.


Treks, camel and 4WD journeys, plus trad and sports climbs throughout the grade range.

Must See

Rum is stunning with its enormous red cliffs and canyons - 'vast, echoing and godlike' said TE Lawrence. Petra makes a rather brilliant rest day.


Welcome to Jordan - By Nasri Atalla, Director of Tourism
Introduction - By Tony Howard 
French Introduction - By Wilf Colonna 

Information and Advice 
Passports and Visas 
Customs Formalities 
Medical Regulations and Recommendations 
Tourist Information 
Travel to, and in Jordan 
Travel and Accommodation in Wadi Rum 
Transport in Wadi Rum 
Guided Holidays
Swimming and Diving 
Para-gliding and Ballooning 
Wadi Rum Rest House 
Wadi Rum Village 
Shopping and Post 
The Bedouin 
Flora and Fauna 
Weather (Incl. Weather Chart for Rum) 
Dress (Clothing) 
Tourist Code 
Equipment for Climbing 
Abseil Rings 
To Bolt, or Not to Bolt 
Mountain Rescue Facilities 
Maps, Guides and Information 
Pre-historic Sites 
The Nabataeans - By M.C.A. McDonald 
The Rock 
Description and Grading of Routes 
Grading Comparison Table 
Time Allowed for Climbs 
Styles of Routes 
Climbing History 
Chronology of Mountain Exploration 
New Climbs 

Jebel Rum Massif
Jebel Um Ishrin Massif
Barrah Canyon Area
Massif of Khush Khashah and Khazali
Burdah & the Domes of Abu Khsheibah
Outlying Areas, North of Rum
Outlying Areas, South of Rum

2005 Update
Jordanian visas
Medical Advice
Travel to Jordan
Accommodation in Wadi Rum
Useful contacts
Current information on Wadi Rum
Transport to and in Rum
Hire of vehicle & driver or camels
Mountain Guides in Wadi Rum
Mountain Guide Fees
Climbing & environmental concerns
The rock, route times and grades
A Rum story
The Earthquake!

New Routes (1993 to 1995)
Jebel Rum Massif
Jebel Um Ishrin Massif
Barrah Canyon area
Khazali, Burdah and all Southern Areas

Graded Route list, by areas
Graded Short Climbs, by areas
Index of Routes
Index of Main Summits and Canyons

Glossary of Climbing Terms

Zoning, Safety and Environmental and Guidelines for Climbers and Trekkers in the Rum Protected Area

Rum Protected Area zoning map


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