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Guide Jordan - Walks, Treks, Caves, Climbs and Canyons - Cicerone

Ce guide en Jordanie décrit une variété de randonnées, treks, grottes, escalades et canyons dans ce paysage magnifique, basé autour de Pella, Ajloun, les collines de la mer Morte, Dana, Petra et du Wadi Rum. Couvre les réserves naturelles nouvellement créées en Jordanie.

EAN13 : 9781852845209

  • Editeur/Collection : Cicerone/International trekking
  • Destination : Jordanie
  • Activité : Escalade/Via ferrata
  • Date d'édition : jul-2008
  • Langue : anglais
  • Nombre de pages : 336
  • Format/qualité : broché
  • Dimensions : 14.8cm x 21.0cm x 1.5cm



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Jordan is a land of unexpected beauty and great variety. From its flower-carpeted meadows in the north to spectacular canyons with fast-flowing rivers, and from ancient cities to towering mountains, caves and vast deserts, Jordan has something for everyone.

This guide describes a variety of walks, treks, caves, climbs and canyons in this wonderful landscape, based around Pella, Ajloun, the Dead Sea Hills, Dana, Petra and Wadi Rum. Many of the routes were unknown prior to the first edition of the guide, and this second edition provides information on new climbing areas and other unexplored regions for those who wish to make their own discoveries.

  • 150 routes in Jordan described – half- to one-day walks and multi-day treks, including 30 canyon routes and 5 climbing areas
  • 24 desert and mountain walks and scrambles in Wadi Rum
  • Covers Jordan’s newly created nature reserves
  • Variety of graded routes to suit all abilities
  • Information on how to get to Jordan, when to go, what to take, and everything you need to know about the routes

This guide offers you an opportunity to see and experience a country of great antiquity and remarkable beauty, yet the authors also make a plea for visitors to respect the land and its people, both still largely unspoilt by tourism.


Too hot June–August. Spring (late March to end May)/autumn (late September to mid-November) is good for walks. There can be flash floods in canyons winter/spring up to April, so summer to early autumn is best for canyoning. Northern hills have snow in winter.


Pella, Ajloun, Amman, Madaba, Karak, Dana, Wadi Musa, Wadi Rum village, Aqaba


Routes to suit all abilities. Any requiring special skills or equipment are identified as such. Some routes in remote areas. Route-finding ability often required... good maps are difficult to obtain.

Must See

Flower-carpeted 'alpine meadows' of the north; spectacular Dead Sea canyons; multi-day Dana–Petra treks; ancient city of Petra; caving and climbing in Jordan's exotic limestone regions; Wadi Rum's world famous Bedouin hunting routes and Jordan's highest mountain; a night in a real Bedouin camp.


Foreword by HM Queen Noor al Hussein of Jordan    

Preface to the second edition    

Thanks to all concerned    


The people and places that inspired the book    

Environmental and Cultural Awareness    
Culture clash     
Who’s who?    
Cultural tips for travellers    
The environment – a plea from the authors    
Environmental tips for the traveller       

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature    
Visitor code    
How to make a booking     

Wildlife in Jordan    
What sort of birds might you see?    
What animals might you see?    

The Lie of the Land    
Geographic and historical boundaries     
    North Jordan    
    The Dead Sea Hills    
    The Dana Area    
    The Petra Area    
    Wadi Rum and the Aqaba Mountains    

On the Move    
Going to Jordan    
Getting in    
Where to go    
When to go    
On the road    

Other Things Worth Knowing     
Holidays and holy days     
Language and communication    
Money matters     
Food and drink    
Clothing and equipment     
Mountain biking     
Maps and topos in this guide    
Be prepared!    
In an emergency    

Using this Guide    
Route descriptions    
Grading of walks and treks    
Grading of canyons    
Caving in Jordan    
Grading of caves     
Rock climbing in Jordan     
Grading of scrambles and rock climbs    

North Jordan    
The Jordan Valley Hills     
    The Ajloun Area    
    The RSCN Ajloun Woodland Reserve    
    The Yabis and Pella Area    
    The Yarmuk Area    
The North Eastern Desert     
    RSCN Nature Reserves in the Northeast    
    Around Azraq    
The Capital Area     
    RSCN Dibeen Forest Reserve    
    The King Talal Dam Area    
    Around Amman    
    The Northern Dead Sea   

The Dead Sea Hills     
The Madaba Area    
The RSCN Mujib Nature Reserve    
The Karak Area    

The Dana Area    
The Northern Dana Area     
The RSCN Dana Nature Reserve     
Shaubak Area    

The Petra Area    
    The Northern Approaches to Petra    
    The Western Approaches to Petra    
    Jebel Harun and the Southern Petra Area    

Wadi Rum and the Aqaba Mountains    
Wadi Rum    
    The People of Rum     
    The Rum Protected Area    
    The Rest House Area    
    Jebel Rum, 1754m    
    Jebel um Ishrin, 1753m    
    Eastern Rum    
    Burdah, Khazali and the South    
    North of Rum    
The Aqaba Mountains    

Caving in Jordan    

Climbing in Jordan    
The Saqeb Area    
The Ajloun Area    
The Karak and Shaubak Areas    
The Petra Area    
The Wadi Rum Area    
The Aqaba Mountains    

1 Guides and Adventure Tourism Operators in Jordan    
2 Relevant Reading    
3 Some Useful Arabic/English Words    
4 Climber’s Glossary    
5 Index of Routes    
6 Place-name Index    
7 Index of Maps in the Guide    
8 Animals and flowers of Jordan   


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