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Guide de randonnées en Norvège, en anglais - Cicerone

Le guide comprend 20 itinéraires de randonnée et de trekking dans les principales régions montagneuses de la Norvège, de l'Extrême-Sud jusqu'aux régions subarctiques. Comprend Hardangervidda, Aurlandsdalen, Rondane, Jotunheimen, Alvdal Vestfjell, Tafjord, Douvre, Trollheimen, Sylene, Femundsmarka, les montagnes de Narvik, Troms Border Trail et Finnsmaksvidda.

EAN13 : 9781852842307

  • Editeur/Collection : Cicerone/International trekking
  • Destination : Norvège
  • Activité : Randonnée
  • Date d'édition : ré-édition juillet 2018
  • Nombre de pages : 192
  • Format/qualité : broché
  • Langue : anglais
  • Dimensions : 11.6cm x 17.2cm x 1.2cm



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This book describes 20 walking routes in the main mountain areas of Norway, ranging from the Far South to the Arctic regions. Chosen because they are of particular interest to the visiting walker, all trips described are accessible by public transport. Many of the mountain areas are close to one another, making it easy to connect different routes for a fortnight's holiday.

In Norway, you will find some of the most beautiful mountain landscape in the world. Unlike many of the alpine areas of Central Europe, these mountains are relatively free from crowds, and few roads criss-cross through this remote landscape. Providing an ideal setting for the walker, cairned routes twist through splendid scenery and link up with comfortable mountain lodges. You will meet a kind and proud people who will enthusiastically share with you there love for their mountains.

Route descriptions, divided into daily segments, vary in length from a few days to over a week. Fact panels provide information on level of difficulty, base, maps etc. Introductory sections to each chapter detail unique information about each region and transport to the area. Summary tables, maps and route profiles illustrate the routes.


  • Introduction        
    Table of Routes        

    Chapter 1: Using This Book    
                            Route Descriptions, Maps, Base, Route Grading, 
                            Direction, Elevation/Terrain/Features,
                            Route Profiles, Summary Tables

    Chapter 2: Travel Tips

                       Getting Started         
                           Tourist Offices, Passports and Visas, Currency                 
                           and Money, Customs and Duties, Language,
                           Health, Time    
                        Getting There                
                           Train, Air, Ferry/Boat, Bus    
                        Getting Around 
                            Train, Air, Car, Bus, Taxi, Coastal Steamer,
                            Coastal Boat Services    
                        Helpful Hints While in Town
                            Accommodation, Business Hours, Mail/Post,   
                            Laundry, Electricity, Weights/Measures,               
                            Telephone, Shopping, Food and Drink    

    Chapter 3: Life in the Mountains    

                        Den Norske Turistforening, Mountain Lodges,
                        Food/Meals, Keys, Reservations, Season, 
                        Weather, Camping, Cairned Routes/Waymarking,
                        Crowded Trails, Safety in the Mountains, Glacier
                        Travel, Drinking Water, Alpine Etiquette, Trolls, 
                        Dogs, Guided Tours, A Word on Northern Norway    

    Chapter 4: Equipment

                        Boots, Rucksack, Sleeping Bag, Waterproofs,
                        Other Clothing/Equipment, Mosquitoes,
                        Drying Rooms    


    Chapter 5: Southern Mountain Plateau    
                        1 Hardangervidda West    
                        2 Hardangervidda Central    
                        3 Aurlandsdalen    

    Chapter 6: West Central Mountains  
                        4 Jotunheimen East to West
                        5 Jotunheimen South    
                        6 Jotunheimen West    

    Chapter 7: North Central Mountains    

                        7 Rondane Traverse    
                        8 Rondane Tops    
                        9 Rondane Circle    
                        10 Alvdal Vestfjell (Low Route)    
                        11 Alvdal Vestfjell (High Route)    

    Chapter 8: Western Fjord Ranges  
                        12 Tafjord    
                        13 Dovre Mountains    

    Chapter 9: Central Fjord Ranges    

                        14 Trollheimen Traverse    
                        15 Trollheimen Circle    

    Chapter 10: Central Border Mountains    
                        16 Sylene       
                        17 Femundsmarka    

    Chapter 11: Mid-Norway    

                        18 Mountains of Narvik    

    Chapter 12: Arctic Norway    

                        19 Troms Border Trail    

    Chapter 13: The Far North    

                        20 Finnmarksvidda    


                    A: Summary Table of Routes    
                    B: Mountain Accommodation    
                    C: Norwegian and Swedish Train Lines To 
                             Walking Routes    
                    D: Helpful Addresses    
                    E: Glossary of Norwegian Words    
                    F: A Visit to the Romsdal    
                    G: Time in Oslo and Bergen    


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