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Guide The Mountains of Romania : Trekking and walking in the Carpathian Mountains - Cicerone

Guide de randonnées et de trekking dans les Carpates en Roumanie. Comprend des itinéraires dans les régions des Maramures et de la Bucovine, la crête de Piatra Craiului et les montagnes de Retezat et de Fagaras. 

EAN13 : 9781852849481

  • Editeur/Collection : Cicerone/International walking
  • Destination : Roumanie
  • Activité : Randonnée
  • Date d'édition : mar-2020
  • Nombre de pages : 416
  • Format/qualité : broché
  • Langue : anglais
  • Dimensions : 11.6cm x 17.2cm x 2.2cm



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This guide describes 27 short treks of 2-6 days and 10 day walks in the mountains of Romania. Although there is a slight focus on Transylvania, most of the main massifs are included, with chapters covering the Mountains of Maramures, the Eastern Carpathians, the mountains around Brasov, the Fagaras, the region between the Olt and the Jiu, the Retezat, the mountains of Banat and the Apuseni. Also included is an ascent of Moldoveanu, Romania's highest peak at 2544m.

There is a wealth of advice to help you plan your trip and organise the logistics of your walk or trek. Some routes avail of the network of mountain huts; others offer opportunities to camp in attractive wild locations. Overviews and a route summary table make it easy to choose an appropriate excursion. Each route includes clear description and mapping, as well as notes on accommodation and access (some can be accessed by public transport, although others require either pre-arranged pick-up or hitchhiking). There are fascinating insights into Romania's colourful culture and history and appendices containing hut listings, useful contacts and a helpful glossary.

The graded routes are as varied as Romania's diverse landscapes. They take in rolling hills, craggy karst peaks, glacial lakes and Europe's last virgin forests, with other highlights including Transylvanian castles, wooden churches, the Piatra Craiului ridge and the spectacular Sapte Scari (Seven Ladders) and Turda Gorges. Historic towns such as the medieval towns of Brasov and Sibiu and the spa resort of Vatra Dornei offer easy access to the mountains; other routes visit remote villages that have changed little over the centuries, where self-sufficiency is still very much the way of life. All in all, the guide is a perfect companion to discovering the unspoilt beauty of Romania's enchanting mountain regions.


The best time to visit the mountains of Romania is from May to September. Most of the snow will have disappeared by June.


Key bases include Braşov, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Vatra Dornei and Râmnicu Vâlcea


Many of the routes require you to be entirely self-sufficient. You will need to be able to carry 15-20kg. Expect hikes of 15-25km per day with a total ascent/descent of up to 1500m. There are lighter day walks too in which case a daypack will suffice.

Must See

The Făgăraș Mountains, home to Romania's highest peaks; the saw-like Piatra Craiului limestone ridge; camping near Romania's biggest glacial lake in the Retezat; stunning karst scenery in the pastoral Apuseni; medieval Saxon cities, imposing castles and Roman and Dacian ruins

Vegetation and wildlife
When to go
What to take
Getting there
Local transport
Food and drink
Health and safety
Staying in touch
National parks
Rules and regulations
Water, food and other supplies
Using this guide
The Mountains of Maramureş
The Rodna Mountains
Route 1 Şetref Pass to Rotunda Pass
The Gutâi and Ţibleş Mountains
Route 2 Breb–Creasta Cocoşului–Neteda Pass
Route 3 Groşii Ţibleşului to Arcer, Ţibleş and Bran Peaks
The Munţii Maramureşului
Route 4 Repedea to Prislop Pass
The Eastern Carpathians
The Land of Dorna
Route 5 The Suhard
Route 6 The Rarău-Giumalău
Route 7 The Călimani
The Ceahlău
Route 8 Izvorul Muntelui to Durău
The Hăşmaş Massif and Lacu Roşu
Route 9 Bălan to Lacu Roşu
The mountains around Braşov
The Postăvaru Massif
Route 10 Braşov to Râsnov
The Piatra Mare Massif
Route 11 Şapte Scări Gorge and Piatra Mare Peak from Dâmbu Morii
Route 12 Timişu de Sus to Dâmbu Morii via Tamina Gorge
The Baiului and Grohotiş
Route 13 A north–south traverse of the Baiului
Route 14 Across the Baiului and Grohotiş
The Ciucaş Massif
Route 15 Cheia to Bratocea Pass
The Bucegi Mountains
Route 16 Poiana Braşov to Bran
Route 17 Into the Bucegi from the Prahova Valley
The Piatra Craiului Mountains
Route 18 The northern ridge
Route 19 The southern ridge
The Făgăraş Mountains
The Iezer-Păpuşa Massif
Route 20 Iezer-Păpuşa circuit
Route 21 From the Iezer-Păpuşa to the Făgăraş
The Făgăraş Chain
Route 22 Traversing the Făgăraş from east to west
From the Olt to the Jiu
The Cindrel and the Parâng
Route 23 From Păltiniş to Petroşani
The Cozia
Route 24 Cozia circuit
The Buila-Vânturariţa
Route 25 Cheia Village–Buila-Vânturariţa ridge–Băile Olăneşti
The Retezat
Route 26 Cârnic to Cabana Gura Zlata via Bucura Lake
Route 27 Poiana Pelegii to Cârnic via Bucura Lake
The Vâlcan Massif
Route 28 From the Vâlcan to the Retezat
The Ţarcu, Godeanu and Retezatul Mic
Route 29 Jigora Saddle to Cabana Buta
The Mountains of Banat
The Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park
Route 30 Domogled Peak circuit from Băile Herculane
Route 31 Poiana cu Peri circuit from Băile Herculane
The Semenic
Route 32 The gorges of the Semenic
The Apuseni Mountains
The Trascău and Muntele Mare
Route 33 The gorges of the Trascău
Route 34 Poşaga de Jos–Scăriţa Belioara–Runc
Route 35 Runc–Scăriţa Belioara–Lunca Largă–Runc
The Padiş Region
Route 36 Statiunea Vârtop–Cetăţile Ponorului–Padiş–Pietroasa
Route 37 Gârda de Sus–Scărişoara ice cave–Padiş–Cabana Vărăşoaia–Stâna de Vale

Appendix A Route summary table
Appendix B Accommodation
Appendix C Useful contacts
Appendix D Language notes and glossary
Appendix E Further reading 


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