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Guide de randonnée Walking in Slovenia: The Karavanke - Cicerone

Ce guide propose 23 itinéraires de randonnée à travers les 120 km de la chaîne de montagnes Karavanke, une frontière naturelle entre l'Autriche et la Slovénie. Les itinéraires d’un jour et de deux jours sont classés en fonction de leur difficulté et vont de promenades à faible altitude à de hauts sommets.

EAN13 : 9781852846428

  • Editeur/Collection : Cicerone/International walking
  • Destination : Slovénie
  • Activité : Randonnée
  • Date d'édition : mai-2013
  • Nombre de pages : 192
  • Format/qualité : broché
  • Langue : anglais
  • Dimensions : 11.6cm x 17.2cm x 1.2cm



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This guidebook lets walkers explore the magnificent 120km-long Karavanke mountain range which forms a natural border between Slovenia and Austria. It is one of the longest mountain ranges in Western Europe, yet it remains relatively unvisited and unknown among English-speaking hillwalkers. Visitors tend to rush to the much better known Julian Alps, leaving these gems of mountains untouched, so they are yet to experience the extent of the commercial development known by the Western Alps.

The range divides naturally into two sections: the Western Karavanke, as far as the Košuta ridge, is more or less a single unbroken ridge, while the Eastern Karavanke are split into several massifs. The typical pattern all along the range is of precipitous rocky faces to the northern, Austrian side, while to the southern, Slovene side there are steep grassy slopes and terraces.

All the walks are graded from 1 to 3, and though not an official system this will help assess each route’s suitability to your own ability and taste. It should be noted however, that even the easiest grade (1) may be a long and tiring excursion, despite not being excessively steep or technical, so previous mountain experience is recommended. The highest graded routes are particularly strenuous, tackling high and exposed sections that require the aid of fixed steel cables and pegs.

Arranged in the book by peak from west to east along the range, the routes feature major highlights including Stol (at 2236m the highest in the range and one that forms a stunning backdrop to the beautiful Lake Bled), the majestic Košuta ridge and Golica – a mountain that displays a fine carpet of white daffodils in May.

• detailed description of 23 walking routes, covering the entire range from west to east
• insight into the history of the area
• practical details on transport, accessing the routes, accommodation and available facilities


Main walking season late June to early September, safely extended to include May for the wonderful bursts of spring flowers and up to mid-October for the amazing autumn colours


Kranjska Gora, Mojstrana, Jesenice, Tržic, Solcava, Slovenj Gradec


Although the Karavanke lack the steep rock and barren heights of the nearby Julian Alps, several of the peaks are over 2000m and many just under this altitude; a number of the walks include short steep sections of rock protected with steel cable and pegs; all routes graded

Must See

Major peaks in the Karavanke are: Stol - the highest at 2236m and a stunning backdrop to beautiful Lake Bled; Uršlja Gora - the furthest eastern peak with its fine summit mountain; the majestic Košuta ridge Olševa with its prehistoric cave; Golica in May for the white daffodils


Landscape and geology
Climate and weather
Wildlife and flowers
The walks
When to go
Getting there
Travelling within Slovenia
Food and drink
Money and shopping
Health and hazards
Using this guide
Walk 1 Peč (Tromeja)
Walk 2 Trupejevo poldne and Vošca
Walk 3 Kepa
Walk 4 Dovška Baba
Walk 5 Hrušica to Planina pod Golico
Walk 6 Golica
Walk 7 Hruški vrh and Klek
Walk 8 Dovška Baba to Planina pod Golico
Walk 9 Ajdna
Walk 10 Stol
Walk 11 Vajnež
Walk 12 Stol from Austria
Walk 13 Dobrča
Walk 14 Preval
Walk 15 Begunjščica
Walk 16 Vrtača
Walk 17 The Ljubelj Pass
Walk 18 Košutica
Walk 19 Košuta
Walk 20 Hochobir (Ojstrc)
Walk 21 Olševa
Walk 22 Peca
Walk 23 Uršlja gora (Plešivec)

Appendix A Walk summary table
Appendix B Key names in German
Appendix C Glossary
Appendix D Useful contacts
Appendix E Further reading


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